My name is Ron. I contract as an SRE, Systems or “DevOps” Engineer by day; And geek out and build things in my lab or in one of the three major cloud providers by night. I like learning by doing. So I tend to try a bunch of things out, even if it’s not directly related to anything I have to do for work.

This site

I’m big on documenting things I learn. I used to make notes for myself so I could come back around and remember how I built something, or why I couldn’t. I have learned a lot from random blogs online where people shared their hard-fought knowledge and experience. So I wanted to do the same.

Disclaimer: Just bear in mind - these are just notes. I make no claims or guarantees of accuracy or correctness here, I document what I did, or how it went.

That’s it.

Working in I.T.

I also thought I would start writing about what it’s like to work in I.T. So I blog about career choices, workplace realities and just things you would only really know from lived experiences.

Everyone has their own. These are mine.

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